Reporting and certifications

The ideal partner for your certification requirements, and not only

We provide support along the entire process of developing and maintaining business management systems.
We have also developed an integrated management model (to UNI EN ISO 14001, 9001, 18001/45001, 50001) to simplify procedures, organizational instructions and use of IT platforms.
Based on your business values and market requirements, we can assist you in analyzing risk and opportunities to boost the potential of your organization and its human resources, thereby improving performance, both technical and economic, in the area of environmental and workplace safety management systems.
Regarding business management models, we can assist you in matters of compliance with legislative decree 231/2001 (safety and environmental offences).

On the sustainability front, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals promulgated by the UN (Agenda 2030), we try to promote and valorize corporate social responsibility. We tailor social responsibility and sustainability reporting solutions to suit your needs, so that such data can also reflect an organization’s financial value.
Our competencies also include drafting Non-Financial Statements (as required by legislative decree 254/2016)..

Regarding products, production processes and services we carry our life cycle analysis (to ISO 14040 and 14044) and adopt Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, a key analysis instrument for solutions to reduce environmental and energy impacts.
We also provide preliminary Life Cycle Thinking and Ecodesign studies.

Lastly, we draft environmental declarations and certifications, such as the Environment Product Declaration (EPD) and Carbon Footprint of products (CFP).

List of services provided:

  1. Consulting on the certification of integrated management systems to UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001
  2. Environment, Safety, Energy and Quality audits (Parte II, Level II)
  3. Product certifications: Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint
  4. Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
  5. Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC) and Green Public Procurement GPP
  6. Emissions Trading
  7. Circular economy: materials analysis and circularity audit
  8. Management of External Prevention and Protection Service (EPPS)
  9. Construction site direction