Innovation Lab

Managing environmental data with an eye on the future

Innovation LAB was our response to the need to simplify otherwise complex processing to maximize the efficacy of environmental monitoring and pollution phenomena modelling for the purpose of evaluating environmental and health impacts.
We supply software and applications we develop ourselves to produce detailed representations of the environmental status of territories and enterprises.

The sectors in which we’re continuing to innovate are:

  • Multi-scenario Impact Assessment: in collaboration with CINECA, we developed a series of environmental assessment models on HCP capable of producing and analyzing multi-scenario impact assessments.
  • ePlat1®: WEB GIS portal application for IT management of construction sites, multi-sites and industrial environmental monitoring plans.
  • Web GIS planner: management of environment and permitting procedures and relatives deadlines; management of controls and monitoring on a WEB GIS platform.
  • Environmental Counter: environmental data accounting tool for assessing sustainability performance and improvements in businesses and territories.
  • Site-specific analysis: development of software for managing contaminated sites and site-specific risk analysis.


List of services provided:

Implementation of environmental data banks and environmental software development:

  • Environmental Counter
  • Schedule management
  • ePlat1 - Site enviromental managament
  • E-risk - Enviromental risk assessment
  • E-teps - Energy management