Environment and territory

Partnering the Territory for reclamation

With our in-depth knowledge and consolidated experience we manage reclamation projects for both contaminated and potentially contaminated sites in accordance with procedures ranging from environmental characterization to risk analysis and, where appropriate, remediation. Our objectives are to safeguard and upgrade the territory and put compromised properties back on the market.
During works and reclamation, we carry out all the monitoring of impacts on the environment.

For public administrations we provide detailed environmental planning, from strategic environmental assessments to environmental incidence assessments, acoustic zoning plans and surveys relating to specific environmental issues (eg. electromagnetic and luminous pollution, contaminated sites).

We also work with municipal corporations on waste management to assess the actual benefits of waste sorting. For this purpose we use our “Environmental Counter”, an application we developed ourselves during our work on EXPO 2015 in colaboration with CONAI. The application is used for the purpose of upgrading waste into “re-products”.

List of services provided:

  1. Strategic Environmental Assessment SEA
  2. Environmental Incidence Assessment EIA
  3. Municipal Acoustic Classification Plans MACP
  4. Environmental and territorial analysis with GIS software, cartographic work, WEBGIS and WEBSIT creation and management
  5. Landscape impact
  6. Environmental impact authorizations and assessments:
    • Hydraulic compatibility assessment HCA
    • Noise/vibrations monitoring
    • Atmospheric emissions monitoring AEM
    • Atmospheric emissions fall-out studies AES
    • Traffic models
    • Health Impact Assessments HIA
    • Corporate Acoustic Remediation plans CARP
    • Environmental Monitoring Plans EMP
    • Monitoring and Control Plans MCP
  7. Due Diligence and Remediation:
    • Environmental and Property Due Diligence (levels I and II) M&A and decommissioning production plants and sites
    • Preparation and implementation of soil and groundwater characterization plans
    • Site-specific risk analysis
    • Polluted site remediation projects
    • Environmental reclamation and recovery works direction
    • Safety co-ordination
    • Excavation earth/rock management plans
    • Marine sediments management plans
  8. Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)
  9. Municipal Public Lighting Plans (MPLP)
  10. Environmental Counter