Energy consultin

Wide-reaching services for full efficiency

Our activities in the field of energy consulting are as follows: energy diagnosis, with audits and pre-feasibility studies in the civil and industrial sectors, plant design (including new generation renewable energy sources such as solar, solar thermal, biogas, biomass, mini-hydroelectric), incentives management, energy management, urban development and ESCo and EPC services.
Our sole objective is to analyze energy consumption to maximize efficiency and cut costs. We also develop complex projects.
We can intervene either on specific aspects or take care of the whole flow, from pre-feasibility studies to management and obtaining incentives.
And we offer our clients real guarantees, in that we also monitor all new legislation and updates relevant to the sector.

List of services provided

  1. Energy management
    • Energy Manager role
    • Energy audits and analysis and pre-feasibility studies in the civil and industrial sectors
    • Monitoring systems and data analysis
  2. Energy diagnosis pursuant to legislative decree 102/2014 and ENEA guidelines
  3. Consulting on UNI CEI EN ISO 50001, UNI CEI 11352
  4. Incentives: Energy Savings (White) Certificates (ESC), RES incentives, tax deduction procedures
  5. Energy due diligence on RES plant (solar, biomass, wind, hydroelectric)
  6. Lighting, thermal and co-generation design
  7. Permitting for industrial and RES plant (biomethane, biomass, hydroelectric, solar, wind)
  8. Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
  9. Energy Service Company ESCO.