Environmental surveying in Lombardia and Venetoo

We performed a Phase 1 Environmental Due Diligence in the Lombardia towns of Trezzano sul Naviglio (province of Milan) and Sermide (province of Mantova), and in the Veneto towns of Ponte di Piave (Treviso) and Calto (province of Rovigo). Our environmental surveying in these areas focussed on water supply and waste water, atmospheric emissions, storage of raw materials and waste and waste management, asbestos in products and materials, tanks (under- or above ground), electrical substations and transformers, buried or indiscriminately abandoned waste.

1st level environmental Due Diligence
Nastroflex S.p.A, Imperial Abrasivi S.p.A, CI.ELLE.A. CENTRO LAVORAZIONE ABRASIVI S.r.l.
Lombardia e Veneto