Mission and Values

Wide vision.

Testo a Destra

With our projects we want to minimize the impact of human activities on the Planet.

In our vision of an ideal world, humanity lives in perfect equilibrium with nature, in harmony of intent and action. This is our proposition, and what all our projects aim at.

Honesty, transparency and passion are, have always been, the keywords at eAmbiente. We believe in honesty, we operate with transparency and we tackle challenges with passion, because our work is what we like doing and the results we obtain are what we care most about: the wellbeing of our Earth, the future for our children.

Testo a Sinistra

Dedication, expertise and professionalism are the qualities we believe in. They’re the only recipe for successful development and completion of projects, whether big or small, projects that may be strategically important and positively impact on the economic, financial and environmental performance of public and private organizations. The assets we build on are human capital, skills and technical knowledge. The direction we’re moving in? Sustainable technological innovation.

Cutting carbon dioxide emissions and production of single-use plastic is a laudable global objective requiring major planning at national and Community level. But we’re convinced that local strategies adopted by municipal and regional administrations can also help towards this goal. In a nutshell: we think global and act local.