Our story, our credibility.

Our original inspiration was the ipê, a tall growing tree found in desolate areas of Brazil and which produces spectacular yellow flowers. A hymn to joy. We first saw it on a voluntary aid mission to Minas Gerais, with which our company still has links. It is now our brand’s logo: sinking its roots into the earth, it stretches up to the sky whilst spreading and strengthening its branches. Just like eAmbiente, which has been constantly growing and managing increasingly complex projects since starting up in 2003

Testo a Sinistra

For us the ipè represents vigorous love of life, joy, hope and also charity. “Enterprise cannot be bound by profits or sales alone. To avoid growing barren, you have to give ethical value to the company, to your life, and also do things that don’t have any economic value,” says Gabriella Chiellino, president of eAmbiente, the company that grew out of her insights, energy, determination to make a difference, and spirit of enterprise.

 She made a very early and impressive start, being the first woman to take a degree in environmental sciences at Venice’s Università Ca’ Foscari, where she was also to teach. So environmental issues and striving for solutions to minimize impacts and maximize savings are in her DNA. An imprinting that continues to work through eAmbiente.

We are now also studying financial solutions and models to enable our clients to improve their energy and operational efficiency. Our R&D division develops concrete development strategies and is able to obtain European funding for innovation and resource saving projects.

Our milestones:
Set up of eAmbiente to reduce and manage environmental impacts.
Set up of eEnergia, specializing in renewable energy sources and energy saving.
Set up of e3city, specializing in the improvement of lighting system efficiency.
eEnergia enters the Engineering, Procurement and Construction sector by becoming an ESCo (Energy Service Company) developing energy efficiency projects in all phases, from pre-feasibility studies through to operation and incentives recovery.
New vital energy for eAmbiente: abreast of the times, new people are brought in, starting with the top management.
Birth of the new brand, eAmbiente Group, embracing all our passion and know-how.
eEnergia is reincorporated into eAmbiente Group rearranging our expertise in four operational areas: environmental engineering, power engineering, sustainability, and innovation lab.
eAmbiente Group becomes IMQ eambiente, joining the IMQ group.
Our story speaks on our behalf: our past gives us credibility.
Our present is a guarantee of efficiency. And our future?

It’s already here: we’re building it with you.