Understanding, planning and managing sustainability

Environment and energy: these are the two sectors - strategic for the future of the world – in which we have been operating for 20 years now as a consulting and engineering firm.

Testo a Destra

Reducing and managing environmental impact is our mission: we help enterprises and territories find technical and management solutions that are environmentally sustainable.

The new concept of circular economy is one of the pillars of our business philosophy. A new, different understanding of production and consumption of goods and services based on reuse and recycling. To this end we put together a team of specialists in ECO-DESIGN to do pioneering work in the recovery and reuse of materials along product life cycles.

Testo a Sinistra

Defending the ecosystem is our duty. We are faced with two urgent needs: to reduce CO2 emissions and bring the Planet’s temperature under control. To do so, we are also committed to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. For us, this is a daily challenge to keep studying new technical solutions.

If you too take up that challenge, we can be your strategic partner: we activate projects throughout Italy and engage in research work with numerous European partners. Our team is made up of environmental engineers and scientists, geologists and naturalists, physicists and mathematical model designers, economists and lawyers: all working in an innovation lab of digital natives to monitor and manage environmental data. This is how we improve the environment: only action changes the world.