Industry and Infrastructur

360° assistance and support for local government and business

We have all-round vision: we assist businesses and public bodies in all the permitting processes involved in building plant and infrastructure. We carry our environmental impact studies to assess the effects of works on the soil, water, air, noise levels, landscape and health.
We perform predictive analysis of environmental impacts and prepare specialist studies in the fields of atmospheric emissions, noise, hydraulics, soil contamination (risk analysis), landscape (rendering), environmental incidence (SCI-SPA), health assessments (HIA), traffic and roads.
We manage the works construction phase through the drafting and direct supervision of Environmental Monitoring and Control Plans.

We carry out due diligence on public and private property to identify non-conformity to legal standards (environment, urban planning, land register, archaeology, unexploded ordnance, energy, seismology) and quantify costs and timings required for works designed to restore areas to their “legitimate uses”..

We employ LCA methodology for the application of the Envision Protocol in the works design phase.
On Sites of National Interest (SIN), for which we provide remediation planning and risk analysis, we also handle environmental damage repair procedures pursuant to art. 306-bis, T.U.A. (Environment Code).

List of services provided

  1. Permitting and environmental impact assessments for industries, ports, airports and roads
  2. Environmental permitting, AUA, AIA
  3. 2nd level environmental audits (Environmental Audit - Gap Analysis)
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Screening
    • Hydraulic Compatibility Assessment HCA
    • noise/vibrations monitoring
    • Atmospheric Emissions Monitoring (AEM)
    • Atmospheric Emissions Fall-Out Studies AES
    • Traffic models
    • Health Impact Assessments HIA
    • Corporate Acoustic Remediation plans CARP
    • Environmental Monitoring Plans EMP
    • Monitoring and Control Plans MCP
  5. Envision Rating
  6. Emission Trading
  7. Due Diligence and Remediation:
    • Environmental and property due diligence (levels I and II) M&A and decommissioning production plants and sites
    • Preparation and implementation of soil and groundwater characterization plans
    • Site-specific risk analysis
    • Polluted site remediation projects
    • Environmental reclamation and recovery works direction
    • Safety co-ordination
    • Excavation earth/rock management plans
    • Marine sediments management plans